AEG and Regional Workshops

Detailed information on AEG and other Guild and Regional workshops can be found in the Workshops section.

The Great Escape

We are part of the Northern North Island Region of the Association of New Zealand Embroiderers Guilds ANZEG and a weekend of workshops, speakers and a merchant mall is held in Orewa every March.  See Links The Great Escape for next year's programme details.

Children's Embroidery Classes

These classes, for children 7 years and upwards, are held during the second week of the school holidays (except the Christmas break) 1-3pm. There are two groups beginning with the Little Sew 'n Sews then progressing to the Junior Stitchers.

See Groups for more details.

ANZEG Association of NZ Embroiderers' Guilds

See Links ANZEG for learning opportunities available for affiliated guild members:

  • Location of guilds throughout NZ.
  • Resource folios and DVDs for hire
  • Embroidery modules for distance learning
  • Extension groups
  • The next ANZEG Conference in Nelson 2018

Visiting Tutors 

Look in the Workshops section for details.

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Copyright - Important Information April 2017

This is important information that Embroiderers’ and Newsletter Editors need understand about Copyright Information when embroidering a project for displays/competitions or editing information from the Inter-net for a newsletter.

The following websites will inform you about copyrighting rules.

An infographic or flowchart to download:

The main article is on Polymer Clay:

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