Tiny Stitches Mini hoop embroideries

Yazici, Irem
Lyne, Sonia
Yazici, Irem Tiny Stitches: buttons, badges and pins to embroider. Tunbridge Wells, Search Press, 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78221 711 4 127 pages 

Lyne, Sonia Mini hoop embroideries: over 60 little masterpieces to stitch and wear. Tunbridge Wells, Search Press, 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78221 665 0 96 pages

You can guess from these titles why I have decided to review them together. Both books have ideas and projects for quite small embroideries which may be worked up quickly and which will, I think, appeal to embroiderers of all ages. If I am honest, the appeal will probably mainly be to younger needle workers.  Both books start with a brief introduction about the author. Then comes a section on tools and materials needed. There is some crossover here but also considerable divergence; both use beads and other embellishments to enhance these little works of art. Both also use DMC cotton and metallic threads, with the mini hoop book also suggesting wool to work some of the projects. Overall, the latter book uses a greater variety of materials. However Tiny Stitches has a greater variety of ideas to use the finished embroideries, not just the ideas listed in the sub-title. The second book is exclusively focussed on small embroideries to be displayed in mini hoops. These can be worn as jewellery as well as being decoratively displayed in other ways. The hoops used are by Dandelyne, a company owned by the author. They are available through two online sellers here in New Zealand and, I think, are quite expensive at $16.00 each.  

Both books have a dictionary of stitches used. You will find the mini hoop book’s at the beginning and the Tiny Stitches one near the end. Both books are illustrated in colour, with both photos and drawings, which we have come to expect with Search Press publications. Tiny Stitches also has templates and, attached to the back cover, an envelope with iron-on transfer sheets of the templates replicated, which I feel is slight overkill.
The designs are perhaps more sophisticated in the mini hoop book, where pastel pencils and paints are sometimes used. Those in Tiny Stitches have a lovely quirkiness about them. Both authors utilise a variety of colours in their chosen background fabrics. The designs are fresh, original and a bit different from what we are used to seeing. Each book has quite a variety on offer – flowers, feathers, words, bunting, a pearl encircled eye (quite striking), colourful fishes, the night sky and many more.

Both authors have a chatty, friendly writing style. The projects are fun. I will leave you to find out what was, for me, a major irritant in Tiny Stitches! Both books have a real charm about them. They would make lovely gifts, especially for a younger embroiderer in your family. I would really struggle to choose just one book from these two delightful titles. 
Erica Marsden